Supercharged Network Monitoring System

Infrastructure oversight along with Shiftmonitors resource optimizations gives a complete picture of the entire cloud infrastructure for better management and centralized control over network systems.

Real Time Monitoring

Immediate Visibility​

Get immediate visibility into network health and asset status for proactive issue resolution.

Asset Status Monitoring​

Visibility ito Monitor asset status in real-time. Receive instant notifications the moment an asset goes down. Detect & fix issues before the impact.

Performance Monitoring​

Monitor network performance indicators such as traffic volumes, transmission speeds and response times. Real-time monitoring helps in detecting network issues proactively.

Data Collection and Analysis​

Big Data Collection​

Collect, store, and analyze diverse data sets from network devices and physical assets for informed decision-making.

Data Analysis​

Use multiple analytic techniques to gain deeper insights into your network's performance and detect potential vulnerabilities.​

Cloud Storage​

Store all your precious data away in a secure cloud system to access it anywhere, anytime.​

Alerts and Notifications​

Instant Notifications​

Automated quick alerts for threshold breaches– enabling quick reverts to anomalies in assets or network performance.​

Email and SMS Alerts​

Manually choose who receives notifications and through which channels to gain greater control.​

Escalation Policies​

Auto-escalation system to notify responsible personnel– easier assigning of escalations for a better-managed ecosystem

Performance Metrics Tracking​

KPI Tracking​

Continuous tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) for both network infrastructure and physical assets.​

Trend Analysis​

Detect and analyze patterns from multiple sources simultaneously with visualization support of historical data that aids in trend analysis, capacity planning, and predictive maintenance for assets.

Improved Decision Making​

Gain insight into performance trends and make data-driven decisions quickly.​

Integration Capabilities​

Cloud Integration​

Integrate with popular cloud platforms to analyze network data and enable visibility into network performance.​

IoT Integration​

Integrate with the Internet of Things to monitor and manage smart devices.​

Help Desk Integration​

Integrate with your help desk to allow technicians to view network performance stats alongside asset data and ticketing information.​

Security Features​

Role-Based Access Control​

Limit access to asset data to authorized personnel only.

Encrypted Data Storage​

Data is safely stored and accessible only to authorized personnel.​

Virtual Private Network (VPN)​

Secure remote access to network monitoring data.​


Growth Sustainability​

Our system is designed to accommodate growth & changes in asset inventories and network complexity.​


Add more devices and agents whenever you need to, without needing to worry about having to change the system architecture

Flexible Licensing Model​

You only pay for what you need, and our licensing model is designed to grow with you over time.​

Customizable Reporting​

Custom Reports​

System reports presenting insights on asset utilization, network performance, compliance,

Graphical Reports​

Improve system transparency by presenting data reports in a visual format.​

Data Export​

Export system data for further analysis and customized reporting.​

Mobile Accessibility​

Mobile Apps​

Mobile applications enabling on-the-go monitoring and management.​

Responsive Interfaces​

User-friendly responsive interfaces helping monitor and manage your network on all kinds of devices.​

Alerts Management​

Receive real-time alerts and notifications and manage the network from wherever you are.​

Support and Maintenance​

Unlimited Support​

Continuous support services to maintain optimal functionality and regular system updates.​

Regular Maintenance​

Security update patches and continuous checks at touch points so your system stays up-to-date with regular maintenance.​