Real-Time Monitoring and Asset Management Solutions

Our solution delivers real-time monitoring and a streamlined remote asset control for convenient asset management with quick and easy remote access.
It offers a fully modular solution with white-labeling and personalization features with sophisticated reporting system for an efficient asset performance tracking to meet maximum asset productivity.
With connected silos of IT and OT control over assets to avoid loss of job-critical data, Shift Ahead’s Remote Asset Control also provides real-time alerts to help gain actionable insights for effective decision-making. Our solution comprises end-to-end Services for a completely packed asset tracking IoT solution ready-to-be-deployed.

Core Vision


Managing IT Operations seamlessly.

Remotely Managing IT Assets

Comprehensive Infrastructure Oversight Resource

Real Time Monitoring

Instant Visibility

Monitor network health, asset status, and performance metrics to proactively identify and address issues.

Multiple Protocols

Supports diverse protocols, including SNMP, WMI, SSH, and Telnet for broad compatibility

Low Bandwidth Mode

Ensure continuous monitoring even under low-bandwidth conditions.

Data Collection and Analysis​

Inclusive Data Collection

Collect, store, organise network and asset data for forensic analysis potent for decision-making.

Data Extraction and Reporting

Generate/Curate Custom reports to extract data to integrate with external business intelligence tools.

Network Mapping​

Visualize network structures, patterns, dependencies, skews and variances using advanced mapping and topology tools.

Alerts and Notifications​

Automated Alerts​

Receive real-time alerts to get notified of instant threshold breaches, system outages, and configuration changes via email, SMS, or mobile app.

Configurable Rules​

Customize rules to trigger alarms propelled by specific activitie or events or other performance metrics.

Flexible Notifications​

Configure escalation, scheduling, and filtering to address critical issue in a streamlined and prompt manner.

Log Collection​

Logs input collection from channels & network devices, servers, and applications for troubleshooting/forensic analysis.

Visualization and Reporting

User-Friendly Interface

Easily navigate, customize and configure dashboards.

Asset Details at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly Track and Manage asset details, end-of-life statuses, and vendor information

Monitor Network Performance Metrics

View real-time as well as historical trends of device availability, response time, bandwidth for an all round analysis

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Automated Fault Detection

Utilize a rules-based engine and anomaly detection to monitor networks and overall system, inclusive of application faults.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify the root cause/origins of bugs and error points through integrated logs, metrics, and topology analysis.

Diagnostic Tools

Leverage traffic captures, traceroute, other diagnostic tools to isolate faults to determine remedial actions.

Asset Tracking and Management​

Asset Inventory​

Manage asset ownership, contracts and service management for software assets and enrich your asset inventory by performing auto-discovery of hardware and software assets.

Asset Lifecycle Management​

Track asset lifecycle, procurement to disposal– optimize asset utilization & compliance with regulatory standards.

Software License Management​

Manage/Verify software licenses to comply without legal complications or asset misuse.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless Integration

Integrate existing system with our IT service management, cloud services, virtualization, other platforms through APIs & plugins.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor cloud assets and services–including virtual machines, containers, and SaaS applications.

Easy-to-Use Integrations

Configure integrations through simple setup wizards and user interfaces.

Scalability, Flexibility, &Security Integration

Mobile Accessibility

Receive real-time alerts via the mobile app or view dashboards and perform maintenance tasks.

Responsive Interface

Access the Network Management System (NMS) via a responsive web interface optimized for all your device.

Access Control

Restrict access based on user roles and permission levels to enhance all round security.

Audit Trails

Log all user activities and generate audit trails to track and investigate security issues

SSL Encryption

Encrypt all client-server traffic with SSL to prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.